(3-Pack – Earth) ® Paint Brush Cleaner Silicone Cup Insert Cleaning System Reusable, Eco-friendly



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  • SMART PAINT BRUSH CUP INSERT – This small, versatile fits into Mason jars, paint brush cleaning jars, and cups to make cleaning and washing off brushes simple and easy.
  • SUCTION CUPPED BOTTOM – Each paint brush cleaner also features a suction cup on the bottom to keep them safely in place on the bottom of glass or plastic rinse jars.
  • BRUSH-SAFE SILICONE NUBS – The Paint Puck paintbrush cleaner tool features soft, silicone agitators that easily clean paint from deep within brushes with less effort.
  • SAVE TIME, EFFORT AND BRUSHES – A compact, more portable paint brush cleaning solution over big jars, these are ideal for school classrooms, art classes or home use to make your brushes last longer and speed up clean-up time.
  • HEAVY DUTY, REUSABLE DESIGN – The dishwasher safe silicone craftsmanship makes it gentle on soft paint brush bristles and durable enough for home or classroom use.

Turn any jar or cup into a paint cleaning brush system with a portable Paint Puck paint brush cleaner that sticks to the inside! If you’re trying to rinse paint from a paint brush, simply sloshing it around in a cup of water isn’t going to remove all the residual paint. That’s why we created a smarter, easier-to-use solution—the Paint Puck Paint Brush Cleaner. This small, insertable silicone “puck” attaches to the inside bottom of most standard jars and cups to give you a quicker, easier, and safer wash to remove paint from brushes while protecting bristles in the process. A great solution to help you along in your artistic process, the Paint Puck fits into almost any standard-sized rinse cup and hyper-saturates the rinse water. The soft, gentle nubs are gentler on brush head bristles, while the suction cup on the bottom holds it firmly in place for extended use. It’s also reusable and easy to clean for long-term, ecofriendly use. Product Details: Paint Puck Paint Brush Cleaner. Small, Insertable Silicone Discs. Soft, Flexible Nubs (Safe on Bristles). Suction Cup Bottom. Easy to Install, Remove, and Clean. Reusable, Ecofriendly, Dishwasher Safe. Diameter: 2.25 inches. Satisfaction Guaranteed. Turn any cup into a paint brush cleaner with an insertable Paint Puck by clicking ‘Add to Cart’ above now to get yours!


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