I strongly believe that innovative products and services can have transformative effects on people’s lives. This conviction drives me to create and bring to market products that capture our imaginations and spark positive change.

Today, my dream is to use my art to make a positive impact on people’s lives by creating art that inspire hope, healing, and transformation. I believe that art can be a powerful tool for social change, and I am committed to using my talents to contribute to that change. By sharing my story and my art, I hope to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others, just as art has made a difference in my own life.


G. FREEMAN ARTISTRY skincare is a complete skin regimen suitable for men, women and most skin conditions and types. The collection is infused with certified organic extracts, oils, butters and skin conditioning ingredients. Our products are employed with environmentally sustainable business practices that are cruelty-free and eco-friendly manufacturing.


Mindfulness, is when you have a more acute understanding and acceptance of life in the present moment. This form of meditation allows you to broaden your vision. You focus on your thoughts, such as the rhythm of your breath, during meditation. You can observe your thoughts and feelings, but you don’t judge them as they move.

Light a candle and sit quietly.

Focus on your natural breathing or on a word or “mantra” that you can repeat silently. Allow thoughts to come and go without judgment and return your focus on your breath or mantra.