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My parents have played a significant role in shaping both my life and art. Through their teachings, I have learned the value of perseverance, which has been instrumental in accomplishing my goals. My father emphasized the importance of planning and goal-setting with his logical and analytical approach, while my mother’s creative and intuitive nature taught me to trust my instincts and intuition, preventing me from stifling my creativity with too much structure.

Growing up with my father and stepmother for the first half of my life and with my mother and stepfather for the second half has taught me valuable lessons about entrepreneurship and work-life balance.

Dallas based abstract expressionist artist Glenda Freeman

Explore the Raw Emotion of Dallas’ Non-Representational Artist

Receptive 16” x 20” Acrylic on canvas
Momentum (Impetus) 16” x 20” Acrylic on canvas
Call to my Ancestors 36” x 48” Acrylic on canvas
Reflections 11” x 14” Acrylic on canvas
Disgruntled 30” x 40” Acrylic on canvas

Expressing Emotions and Capturing Sensations:

G. Freeman Artistry’s Journey

Dallas based abstract expressionist artist Glenda Freeman

I worked with my mother in the family restaurant, where she instilled in me the importance of pursuing my dreams while also making time for self-care and spiritual growth. One of the most profound gifts from my mother is the practice of Buddhism and  meditation, which has helped me overcome past traumas and connect with my inner being. These teachings have influenced my growth as an artist, and my meditation practice has allowed me to reach a deep meditative state that enhances my creative process.

As a self-taught artist, I credit my diverse cultural background, which includes both Eastern and Western cultures, for shaping my artistic identity. Painting has always come naturally to me, and since the age of six, I knew I wanted to be an artist. While I haven’t studied art history or other artists extensively, I draw inspiration from my life experiences. I’m grateful for the support from donors who believe in my work, and I strive to find happiness in doing what I love.

Elevate Your Space with Art from G. Freeman Artistry

Art is my sanctuary in turbulent times

My art awakens the senses and resonates deeply, forging a connection between myself and the world. Through spontaneous brushstrokes, I translate emotions onto the canvas, capturing the essence of each sentiment. As a survivor of domestic abuse, my art is a potent expression of my healing journey and self-discovery. Each stroke immortalizes a moment of resilience, inspiring viewers to connect with their own inner strength.

Master of Business: Specialization in Marketing
Hoffman Estates, IL
American InterContinental University

Master of Education: Curriculum and Instruction
Hoffman Estates, IL
American InterContinental University

Bachelors of Fine Arts: Web Design
Hoffman Estates, IL
American InterContinental University

Associate of Arts in Business Administration
Hoffman Estates, IL
American InterContinental University

2005 Golden Acres Campus Dallas, TX                    2004 Dallas Urban Art Dallas, TX                            2004 The Phoenix Salon Dallas, TX                                2004 The Cedars Studio Dallas, TX



2023 RED DOT MIAMI, Miami, FL                                2023 Swiss Arte Expo Zurich, Switzerland                    2023 Casa del Arte Gallery Palma, Spain                2023 Nicoleta Gallery Berlin, Germany                    2023 Andie Art Gallery Athens, Greece                    2023 Thomson Gallery Zug, Switzerland


2011 African American Museum Dallas, TX
2009 Art House Gallery Atlanta, GA
2009 Atlanta Airport Atrium Gallery Atlanta, GA    2009 Artist Cooperative Gallery Omaha, NE
2009 Art Raw Gallery New York, NY
2008 Gallery at the end of the World Altadena, CA 2008 Barnsdale Gallery Theatre Los Angeles. CA            2007 626 Gallery Los Angeles, CA
2006 Irving Arts Center Irving, TX
2006 Design Gallerie Dallas, TX
2005 Stephanie Ward Gallery Dallas, TX
2005 Dulce Dallas, TX
2005 Jesuit Museum Dallas, TX
2005 Thompson Fine Arts, Inc. Dallas, TX
2004 Thomas Hall Gallery Dallas, TX

2022 Steele Family Dallas, TX                                          2006 Zato Family Dallas, TX
2005 Al-jafari Family Memphis, TN                          2004 Hill Family Dallas, TX

April 20, 2023 CanvasRebel “Meet Glenda Freeman” Dallas, TX                                                                                          March 2023 GoSolo “Artist, Mother, Entrepreneur” Dallas, TX                                                                                        January 17, 2023 SHOUTOUT DFW “Meet Glenda Freeman | Artist, Abstract Expressionist” Dallas, TX
August 4, 2022 VoyageDallas “Life & Work with Glenda Freeman” Dallas, TX
November/December 2006 Eclipse Magazine Dallas, TX                                                                                           August 25, 2006 Turtle Creek People Newspaper Dallas, TX                                                                                    August 18, 2006 Lakewood People Newspaper Dallas, TX                                                                                July/August 2006 Burn This! Magazine Volume 2 Issue 1                                                                                        February 4, 2006 “Artists’ dreams, stories shared at annual exhibit” Irving Neighbors Newspaper Irving, TX

2006 “Art of Living Gallery” Comfort, Community, and Chairs Veria Channel Dallas, TX.                                                    2007 DVD: Portrait of Abuse: An American Epidemic Dallas, TX

United States Army Veteran
Member of Delta Mu Delta International Academic Honor Society in Business

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